previous editions

Every year, the Bruges Colloquium is followed by the publication of the Proceedings of the Colloquium in the Collegium, the academic journal of the College of Europe.

Hereunder, you will find the list of the previous editions of the Colloquium and their proceedings. Please note that the Proceedings of the 17th edition are currently in course of elaboration and will be uploaded in the summer 2017.

Detention in Armed conflict

16 -17 october 2014 || Collegium 45

Vulnerabilities in Armed Conflicts: Selected Issues.

17 -18 october 2013 || Collegium 44

Scope of Application of International Humanitarian Law.

18 -19 october 2012 || Collegium 43

International Organisations' Involvement in Peace Operations: Applicable Legal Framework and the Issue of Responsibility

20 -21 october 2011 || Collegium 42

Technological Challenges for the humanitarian legal framework

21 -22 october 2010 || Collegium 41

Armed Conflicts and Parties to Armed Conflicts under IHL: Confronting Legal Categories to Contemporary Realities

22 -23 october 2009 || Collegium 40