Previous editions

Every year, the Bruges Colloquium is followed by the publication of the Proceedings of the Colloquium in the Collegium, the academic journal of the College of Europe.

Below you will find the list of the previous editions of the Colloquium and their proceedings.

Please note that the Proceedings of the 20th edition are currently being drafted and will be published late 2020.

Improving compliance with International Humanitarian Law

11 -12 september 2003 || Collegium 30

Relevance of International Humanitarian Law to Non-State Actors

25 -26 october 2002 || Collegium 27

The impact on International Humanitarian Law on current security policy trends

26 -27 october 2001 || Collegium 25

Current Challenges in International Humanitarian Law

27 -28 october 2000 || Collegium 21